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Design, Sports Bar -

There are tons of ways to make your custom family room sports bar look totally unique and pleasant to the eye. It’s so easy to overlook how the room is organized. However, after you decide which theme you like, choosing which neon sign (or signs) to put up will really make your room a pleasure to hang out in!

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Route 66 -

Although Route 66 is no longer, road-trippers and sojourners still hit all the famous spots along the way, riding Route 55 out of Chicago to 44 into Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico; 40 through Arizona; and routes 15 and 10 in California. Here are nine of the coolest neon signs to look for along the way.

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Home, neon sign -

Neon signs are great decorating items for anyone who loves home décor with a bit of edge. They add a sense of personality and fun for every part of the home. From bedrooms to kitchens, neon signs, no doubt will illuminate and beautify the home.

But how do you decorate your house with neon signs? It all depends on your taste and how artistic you want to make it.

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One of the emerging trends in home decor is the use of neon signs to decorate. When tastefully placed, a neon sign can blend in perfectly with any room, casting; it's a beautiful glow around and contributing to the overall look. 

Many interior designers have become quite fond of adding a neon sign to their decor to spice things up. From family rooms to bedrooms, neon signs keep shining.

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Bar Neon Signs -

Bars and neon are the perfect combination. From the classiest of clubs to the most comfortable local taverns, neon has been helping commercial bars demonstrate the heart of who they are for more than a hundred years. If you have a home bar, chances are that it represents something special to you. If you want to show off the personality that you know your bar has, then the right neon sign may be one of the best and most fun ways to make your vision come to life.

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