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Neon Signs for Home Decor

Neon Signs for Home Decor 0

We’re big fans of both color and typography, and if there’s a fun way to combine them—even better. Which is why this 'No Vacancy' neon sign in the home of Birmingham artist Matt Underwood decorated by designer Barri Thompson is one of our favorites, and why we’re still obsessing over neon signs as decor. No longer just for bar signs (though those are still going strong!), you too can decorate like an interior designer and add a little glow to your home. 
  • Matthew Severson
Custom Neon Signs for Home or Business

Custom Neon Signs for Home or Business 0

Custom neon signs can be used by homeowners or any business including bars, restaurants, nail and hair salons, convenience stores and more. The price of a sign really depends on the complexity of the design and how big the piece is you plan to create. Many basic signs can be purchased for under $500. These small investments pay for themselves pretty quickly with increased customers.
  • Matthew Severson
Perks Of Using Neon Lights on the Street

Perks Of Using Neon Lights on the Street 0

Neon lights have the potential benefits of not only attracting onlookers, but also adding to the image of the product or company. The eye-catching displays create a psychological impact on the mind, by luring the customers and to make them think that “this is their best choice”. Many national companies continue to select neon in their newest installations including: Target, Old Navy, Bass Pro Shop, Ramada, Red Lobster and Bennigan's  to name but a few. 
  • Matthew Severson
Neon Signs - Old is New

Neon Signs - Old is New 0

Surprisingly, the new-age is familiar with technology, but people are still attracted to the old signage mainstays especially in case of neon. Many companies are more dedicated these days to create “new signs” that are reminiscent of yesteryear. If you have ever visited the City of Memphis TN, you will have seen Bass Pro Shops nationally recognized flagship store that encompasses this vintage look.
  • Matthew Severson
Vintage Neon Signs Trending in Chicago

Vintage Neon Signs Trending in Chicago 0

Since the advent of neon signs, people have been fascinated with the brilliant glowing colors. Once they served as signage and now as attractions in the modern era. When you see a classic restaurant, you probably don’t think that it neon signs serves anything other than an advertisement of services, and good food. Nowadays, however, they have another purpose: providing "vintage charm".
  • Matthew Severson
How to Use Neon Signs in Home Décor

How to Use Neon Signs in Home Décor 0

The myth that neon signs are limited to bars and open signs is gone.  Neon Signs have smartly made their existence known by glowing strong in fashionable home decor and favorite hangout places. With their vivid pinks, yellows and blues, neon signs are becoming the newest and one of the most in-demand trends in interior design.
  • Carolyn Severson
How to Install a Neon Power Supply

How to Install a Neon Power Supply 0

Like any electronics, a neon power supply will eventually fail. However with some care, a neon power supply can easily be replaced on a bar sign. Installing a neon power supply may seem difficult at first, which is why we have provided below a step-to-step guide for its installation.Follow the steps as explained and you will again have a glowing neon sign.
  • Carolyn Severson
The Tucson Fight: Preserving Historic Neon Signs

The Tucson Fight: Preserving Historic Neon Signs 0

In 2013, the city invested $125,000 for a preservation program to restore these iconic landmarks. Currently undergoing sign restorations include two famous neon signs; the Hacienda Motel and the Riviera Motor Lodge. Notices were sent out to the owners. The Foundation will pay up to 75% of the cost of restoring the areas historic neon signs, if the owners agree to maintain them for the next ten years.
  • Carolyn Severson