Using Neon Signs To Make Your Home Joyful

Using Neon Signs To Make Your Home Joyful

The world is a difficult place and can be hard on everyone. So your home should be a place where you can recover from all of the negativity. It should make you feel more joyful, and bring life back to your soul.

If joy in your home is what you’re looking for, and you’re wondering how to make it happen, then the bright, happy colors that only neon signs can provide may be the best addition to your decor that you could make. Here are a few reasons why.

Neon Signs Bring the Color

Research has shown the power that color has on our emotions. While science is still figuring out how exactly this works, it’s no secret that it does. Even the ancient Egyptians knew it, and used different colors in their therapeutic practices.

So if you’re looking to add joy to your home, then color is what you want. And nothing does color better than neon. With neon signs, you can enjoy your favorite colors on another dimension. The specific colors you choose are not stuck to the wall or a canvas, but instead leap off of it to interact with you and the rest of the room.

At its simplest, this means that you can chose colors that have the psychological effect of increasing happiness and boosting lively moods. For instance, splashes of warm colors in the right places can do this. Maybe your home could use some yellow in the kitchen to brighten up your gathering space, or soft orange in a game room to add to the fun. Neon can add happy colors to any environment that you need.

However, happiness isn’t the only part of joy. Neon signs can produce other colors to engage your emotions in different ways. You can also recharge by relaxing and reading under a soft blue or lavender neon light in your favorite quiet corner of your home.

It’s not just about the right colors, but the right colors for your needs. It’s important to ask yourself what it is that you want and where in your home you need it. When you know that, neon is there to make it happen.

Neon Brings the Light

Another important thing that directly affects joy is light. Levels and timing of light impact people on a biological and psychological level. The common phenomenon of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) shows that darkness and light exposure really matter. With out proper amounts of light, people feel depressed and unenergetic.

So light is a key component of happiness and another way that strategic neon signs in your home can help to bring joy. While it’s obvious that darkness can contribute to depression, inversely, research has also shown that exposure to light, both natural and artificial, elevates mood.

Neon is perfect in this not only because it is light, but also because of the special effect that neon light in all of its different colors can have on people. It can be inspiring if you feel like finding joy through creating or being productive, calming if it’s been a particularly hectic day, and enveloping so as to remind you that you are back at your home sweet home.

So when you’re searching out the parts of your home that need a little bit of brightening up, remember that a neon sign could be the uniquely perfect way to do it.

Neon Brings the Charm

Color and light speak to the great direct effects that the right neon signs can have on the joy within your home, but it doesn’t stop there. With custom neon sign options, it can also be extremely helpful in showing the spirit of your home.

If you have a motto, favorite movie quote, or song lyric that is important to you, it can be written in light to shine in your home and uplift you when you need it.

Since the glass tubes of neon can be formed into almost any shape, you can create whatever you want; whether that’s mountains, your city’s skyline, your name, flowers, a unicorn, or even clowns if you’re into that kind of thing... you do you. Simply, if you like something and it makes you joyful, you can probably display it with vibrant, colorful neon light wherever you want in your home.

Using neon can add joy to your home by making your personality visual, giving your space a touch of originality, and achieving for you a feeling of accomplishment.

In short, life out in the world has enough unhappiness. Home should be a place that meets you with joy at the end of the day. So take some time; figure out what makes you joyful, what colors you like, and where your home needs some light. Then remember that neon signs are there to make it happen and to bring the joy.

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