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Neon Bridges Aglow

Neon Bridges Aglow 0

A few cities have decided that due to the unique aspect and the color palette available through neon, that they would adorn a local bridge in this unique style. In Shreveport, Louisiana, The Texas Street Bridge crossing over the Red River to Bossier City was hung with more than 7000 feet of orange neon tubes to create a signature piece of public art that would transform the bridge in the nations largest neon sculpture. It also provides some local flavor for tourists.
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Make a Good First Impression

Make a Good First Impression 0

In many cases the appeal of your business sign is what brings a customer in through your doors, and obviously, it is always the first thing that they see. You may be thinking that it’s your services that they’re looking for that brings them in, however, what distinguishes you from your competitors that offer the same things? Your sign. Professionally it is always important to make a good first impression, and that stands for your business as well. 

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A Roof Over Your Head

A Roof Over Your Head 0

Well maybe not for long.... if repairs are not done soon. While busy planning
We ask for a little support from anyone that would like to help the American Sign Museum continue their mission of preserving historic American signs and their stores. To repair the historic Machine Flats annex roof that will double the size of the museum (an additional 20,000 square feet), please make a tax deductible contribution today.
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Neon Light to Accessorize Your Car

Neon Light to Accessorize Your Car 0

Whether it is for a contest or just to show personal style, neon is the perfect medium to accent your car. The undercarriage kits are available from local car shops, but a custom neon install will take the look over the top. If you are worried about the installation have a local shop do it for you. The results are worth the expense.
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How to Design A Great Neon Sign

How to Design A Great Neon Sign 0

 Making smart design choices can really make a difference to the effectiveness of your sign. The following are some helpful tips so you can spend your advertising money wisely on neon signs that are designed to draw your customers’ attention to your storefront and create that professional image: repetition using contrast.
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    A Neon Sign in Times Square New York

    A Neon Sign in Times Square New York 0

    Times Square in New York City has always been a place where people can find a good time, though that good time has changed drastically since Giuliani cleaned it up, and a place where advertisers know the value of a good neon sign. Alas marketers have forgone the tried and true for the latest and greatest. Every advertiser now believes in the value of video boards on store fronts rather than colorful artistic neon signs
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    Soda Pop Neon Signs

    Soda Pop Neon Signs 0

    Collectors cherish certain names because they bring a sense of comfort or produce a product that they enjoy. Many collect items from their favorite fast food purveyors and sports franchises in the same way that they collect stamps and coins. Some items, among them neon signs, are more valuable than others due to rarity. So what makes a neon soft drink sign collectible?
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    Servicing Your Neon Sign

    Servicing Your Neon Sign 0

    You finally got the neon sign you have always wanted. It is of your favorite sports team, beer purveyor, whatever and you now possess it. The problem is that all good things can come to an end if they are not properly maintained. So, you seek some advice on properly maintaining your cherished memorabilia.

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