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While neon, argon, helium, xenon and krypton can all be used to create those big, colorful signs, the two primary sources of gas used in neon signs are neon and argon.  Since argon produces a weaker light, it can be used to create a yellow, white and green in addition to the natural blue it emits.

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Want to see a cool restored film of some of the old neon signs that made Las Vegas famous? One or two of the signs featured in the film are still visible in Vegas today. However most have been lost to us, as anyone who's paid a visit to the cities Neon Museum can attest.

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The American Sign Museum touts its historical value. It even suggests that teachers bring their students to learn about America’s past, get a grip on language in use, and artistic design. They say they have experience with students, suggesting that the American Sign Museum is the best neon museum to bring your family to. 

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