Turn Your Family Room Into a Sports Bar Using Neon Signs

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Turn Your Family Room Into a Sports Bar Using Neon Signs

Converting your family room into a sports bar is a trendy way to have a fun, sports-themed living room. Let’s look at a few ways to get your family room ready for the World Cup, Super Bowl, UFC Fight Night, or any event you want to host!

Neon Signs and Interior Design

A sports bar without neon signs is like an ice cream without a topping: it just doesn’t feel complete.

Anyone can buy furniture and throw them around the family room, but consulting an interior designer is a step that many sports fans can be relied on to overlook. Keeping with a theme is the key to a solid sports bar.

There are a lot of popular design themes. Today, we’re going to cover four of the most popular themes you can use to turn your family room into a sports bar using neon signs.

These themes are Modern, Minimalist, Mid-Century Modern, and Shabby Chic. We’re going to cover what all of these themes look like, and tell you how neon signs can complement your sports bar theme, and provide that extra pop that keeps your friends and family coming back for more.

1. Neon Signs in Modern Sports Bars

The Modern style is sleek and clean with a lot of black and white and a splash of color. Everything feels glossy and smooth.

There are tons of great choices for neon signs in modern-styled sports bars.

Neon signs can reflect any sport you’re interested in. Some popular ideas include a ball and jersey, a “moving” baseball bat, or the logo of your favorite home team. If you want to go simple, we’ve seen “Texas Football” and “New York Baseball.”

For something bigger, think about likeness of your favorite sports star.

Have you ever seen a neon sign of a celebrity’s face? Think about the face of your favorite sports star looking down on your bar in neon while you watch the game.

2. Neon Signs in Minimalist Sports Bars

The Minimalism style is clean, classy, and understated. There’s a lot of empty space and breathing room.

Cursive writing is an elegant, classy way to go. Since the minimalist style’s colors are neutral (think pale colors), we suggest looking into smaller, understated neon lights and shapes. These are also a great match for any sports fan. They complement the room, and give your sports fans something to look at without crowding the minimalist space.

We also recommend simple shapes, like the mustache meme, for your neon sports bar. Just because it’s a sports bar doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to balls and bats. Think outside the box! When it comes to neon signs, the world is your oyster.

3. Neon Signs in a Mid-Century Modern Sports Bar

Mid-Century Modern basically means retro. Anything that feels classic, or appeals to that “old world charm” is great!

First of all, you can’t go wrong with a simple Budweiser or other beer logo. This is definitely has a classic feel that all sports bar lovers will appreciate.

And then there are the cheeky signs. Grab a Free Beer Tomorrow  sign for a BYOB gathering! When they come back tomorrow, simply point to the neon sign again.

Other neon sign ideas for your Mid-Century Modern sports bar include muscle cars, Marilyn Monroe likenesses, boxing gloves, and footballs.

Finally, when it comes to classic, nothing says “retro” like a good, old fashioned neon "OPEN" sign!

4. Neon Signs in a Shabby Chic Sports Bar

“Shabby Chic” may sound strange, but you’ve probably seen this before. Shabby Chic is a style of interior design that is inspired by nature, and sometimes even natural deterioration. It looks kind of rustic, but if it looks too junky or gross, you’re probably doing it wrong!

So what kinds of neon signs should you get for your Shabby Chic sports bar?

Phrases or words in ALL CAPS are great choices, especially against a simple brick or wooden wall. Although neon signs really make a room pop, when it’s done right, it doesn’t necessarily change the “natural feel” of a Shabby Chic room.

We suggest considering themes that are similar to the Mid-Century Modern style, but simpler, grittier.

Consider putting your name up on a custom neon sign at the top of the bar. Are you going to be serving food? Have fun with it! Advertise yourself as if you were running a kitchen!

There are tons of ways to make your custom family room sports bar look totally unique and pleasant to the eye. It’s so easy to overlook how the room is organized. However, after you decide which theme you like, choosing which neon sign (or signs) to put up will really make your room a pleasure to hang out in!

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