Neon Wall Décor – Clocks and Signs

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Neon Wall Décor – Clocks and Signs

Who says neon signs are effective for branding your business only? Neon is the new cool, and you will find custom neon signs everywhere. From business neon signs to bar neon signs, the vintage vibe takes you back down the memory lane. Now, the neon signs bright up the walls of your bedrooms, kitchen, and living area. With the cool neon signs and clocks, an otherwise dull room looks lit.

Whether you want to set the tone for your next party, or looking to enhance the décor of your man’s cave, neon signs will do the job. Talk about neon wall décor, the intriguing designs of neon clocks and signs will have the eyes rolling. It’s all up to your imagination and creativity, and you can have custom neon signs made for any part of your home. If you are new to neon signs, this post has some amazing neon wall décor ideas with clocks and signs.


1. Neon Crescent and Star for Your Kid’s Room

Before decorating the walls of your room, how about lighting up your kid’s room with some chic neon signs? Don’t forget to take their input as they might have some wonderful suggestions or ideas for their room already. If your kids love fairy tales and want a “dreamy look” for their room at night, a crescent moon neon sign is the perfect choice. You may have a shining neon star to complete the look for the wall.

2. Light Up Your Bedroom with “My World” Neon Sign

Now that you’ve chosen a neon sign for your kid’s room, it’s time to find a beautiful neon sign for your bedroom. It is your happy place where you find comfort, and spend the most part of your day. The décor of your room should reflect your personality and your mantra. For most people, family comes first and you may express the same with a “My family, My World” motto in neon. You can find neon signs online or have a custom neon signs made considering the theme and design of your bedroom.

While you can electrify the walls of your home with some stunning neon signs, the glowing neon décor works well for outer space too. A small neon sign can make your room a funky place with a personalized touch. If you love the glitzy neon signs and clocks, you can have more than one wall decorated with a sign of your choice.

  • Rock a Red Lip - Red lips can never go out of fashion, and neither will a chic red lip neon sculpture. The bright red neon lips will create the perfect ambiance and intimate look when sitting on a shelf in your room.
  • I Won’t Quit - When life gives you lemons, squeeze them and enjoy the lemonade. Putting up an “I Won’t Quit” personalized neon sign at one of the walls will keep on reminding you that you can’t lose. While the neon sign will inspire you to keep working, it will also light up the space.
  • You Can’t See Me! - If you are a wrestling fan, you already know this famous quote, don’t you? “You can’t see me” is the perfect motto to create in a neon sign to show your love for John Cena. The cool neon sign will electrify your walls and make it a happening place.

3. “What’s Cooking?” In The Kitchen

Kitchen is the favorite place in a house for an obvious reason, i.e., food. Cooking is therapeutic for many and brings joy and happiness. However, what to cook each day is a challenge. Perhaps, it is one of the most asked questions in every American household. While you’re decorating the different parts of your home, you can’t miss out this important space. Create a neon sign with the saying “What’s cooking”  to hang on the wall above the cooking range. Choose a made in the USA neon sign made of high-quality neon glass for better visibility.

4. Put Up a Nostalgic Neon Clock in Your Living Room

While you may find neon wall décor in different shapes, colors, and sizes, nothing can beat the look of a nostalgic neon clock. If you love antiques and want to add a vintage look to your living room, a classic neon clock is all you need. If red is your color then go with a fabulous neon clock with a red neon tube. The red glowing off the white face of the clock will light up your living space.

5. Up Your Game with A Harley Davidson Neon Clock

If you are one of those die-hard Harley Davidson fans then you might already have an official Harley Davidson Bar and Shield neon clock at your place. If you haven’t got your hands on one, you definitely need to up your game. That beast will add an electrifying look to your gaming area or your biker bar. While you may have customized Harley Davidson neon clock, H-D neon with orange neon glow will make every biker fall in love with it at first sight.

Final Thoughts

Neon signs are some of the most attractive branding tools for businesses. You will see neon signage in different advertising and promotional campaigns. While many of the buzzing streets are lit with neon signs, you may have safety concerns while putting up one in your room. Don’t worry as neon signs and clocks are safe to touch. Even if the lighting gets damaged, there is no risk of electrocution as the electric charge is automatically shut down with modern UL listed power supplies. 

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