Using Neon Signs to Light Up Your Winter

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Using Neon Signs to Light Up Your Winter

Winter is not just about the blistering winds or frigid temperatures. Rather, the season calls for coffee dates with your partner, long cuddling sessions, and some flickering neon signs to light up your winter. While walking hand in hand with your beloved in chilly winter nights, you might have seen those glowing neon signs.

For years, businesses – from coffee shops to pizzerias, street cafes, and offices –have used neon signage as a branding tool. There is something fascinating about these glittery lights. The bright signs radiate warmth and light up your evening.

The best thing is that you can also bright up your living space, bedrooms, caveman, garage, and even kitchen with neon signs. In this post, we will share some “hot” neon signs for turning your dull home into an electrifying and buzzing space this winter.


Good Vibes Only!

Positivity evokes warmth and affection. Putting up an electric “Good vibes only” neon sign at your bedroom door will send an electric chill with a dash of positivity. The words flickering at night will bring a cozy feel and transmit the good vibes to anyone entering in your room.

While the bedroom is an ideal spot for a custom neon sign, you can also place it on any wall in your home or office. Whenever you look at the sign, it will remind you to stay positive and happy in life. Not to mention, positivity brings warmth, which is much needed in winter.


Baby it’s Cold outside…

There is no harm in being a little naughty this winter. Enjoy latte dates and cozy walks, but don’t stay outside for too long. If your partner insists on staying out, you can gift a cute custom neon sign to issue a “warning” to her.

A neon sign with the saying “Baby its Cold Outside,” will not only make her smile but it will also convey your message in a “subtle” manner. In addition, the custom neon sign will make up for a funky decorative item. Your girl can place it on the wall, put it on the table, or hang it in the room.

Dream in Colors…

While the temperature is dropping, keep your spirits high this winter. Free your soul from all the worries, open the cage and fly high. If you are someone who dares to dream and dream big, why not reflect your life mantra through a custom neon sign.

How about a neon sign that reads, “I dream in colors that don’t exist?” It will convey a powerful message and inspire people to dream. The neon sign will brighten your living room and winter nights. It will motivate you to keep striving for your dreams.

Bring the Snowman Home

Making a snowman is one of our favorite outdoor activities in winter. Who will not melt looking at those chubby cheeks, the pointed nose, those big eyes, and the red muffler? However, no matter how much you love these snow figures, you can’t bring them inside your home.

But you can have a cute snowman neon sign standing on your study table, dresser, or bookshelf. You can even get a customized neon snowman in a bigger size for decorating your living room. In addition, you can opt for a small snowman neon signage with some snowballs to hang as wall décor in your bedroom.

My True Love…Coffee
Winters are incomplete without coffee, at least for the coffee lovers. In fact, many people need coffee to begin the day. Coffee shops become a “hot” spot for coffee lovers in winter. One cannot understand what coffee means unless they share the same love for coffee.

Neon signs are one of the best and creative forms of expressing your love for coffee with an Espresso neon sign. You can even go for a quote that shows what coffee means to you. For instance, you can get a custom neon wall décor that says, “My true love…Coffee,” or “Love smells like Coffee.”

Ignite the Fire… Neon Sign

“A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart.” Nothing can be more relaxing than spending the chilly winter nights sitting around the fireplace. The flames erupting from the fireplace do not only bring physical warmth, but they also warm your soul.

Fire creates the perfect ambiance for intimate love talks with your partner. However, if you don’t have a fireplace in your home, you can have a fire neon sign to light up your living room. The flickering flames will kindle the fire of romance and love. The neon signage will set your beloved’s heart on “fire” (not literally).

As mentioned above, when it comes to imagination, the sky is the limit. In this post, we have shared only a few ideas for personalized neon signs to light up your winter. 

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