How a Custom Neon Sign Can Enhance Your Business

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How a Custom Neon Sign Can Enhance Your Business

The use of custom neon signs has proven to be quite advantageous to a lot of businesses. Aside from making them easily memorable to their patrons, neon signs can also be an inspiring form of art. As a result, more and more business owners have started re-investing in custom neon signs due to their attractive appeal.

Neon signs were originally introduced in the 30s, and since then they have been a staple in business signage. Their high ROI, ease of installation, and affordable price make them ideal for promoting all types of businesses.

If you’re still not convinced, then you might want to check the following reasons why neon signs are ideal for your business:

1. Enhance Your Establishment’s Visibility

If you want your business to be more visible, then using business neon signs is ideal. It’s simply because the colored brightness they give off is lovely to look at and easily visible regardless of the weather condition.

Furthermore, because our eyes are naturally attracted to light, neon signs can stand out at any time of the day. If your business operates for longer hours, or you just want to get more attention from passersby, installing neon signs can be a great way to entice customers to your establishment.

Although you can use other sources of lighting, neon signs are brighter, more colorful and artistic, while being just as energy efficient. Light-emitting diodes are suggested as energy-efficient alternatives to neon tubes, but the comparisons, which often claim a 90 percent energy savings for LED, often fail to take into account the amount of light output. A foot of red neon tube that burns for 12 hours per day will consume from 15.33 to 17.52-kilowatt hours of electricity per year. When comparing the efficiency of brightness, the power consumption of neon can not be beat.

2. Customize Retain and Improve Your Business' Brand

Branding is crucial for all kinds of business establishments. Aside from making your establishment more noticeable, neon signs are also a fairly cheap means of branding. For instance, many entertainment centers use neon signs. Since they are cost-effective, these businesses can retain their branding without spending a lot of their marketing budget.

Moreover, since they are fully customizable, you have the liberty of personalizing them based on your branding. This is yet another great means of standing out, especially if your signage is in line with your brand’s vision.


3. A Good Investment

Even though the upfront costs of installing neon signs can be expensive, they’re actually more cost-effective in the long run. Instead of having filaments to operate, this kind of light uses neon electrodes instead, allowing them to last even longer than fluorescent lights. Since neon electrodes use less energy than filament, you’ll be able to enjoy massive energy savings.

Although their main purpose is to give good lighting outside at night, neon signs can also be placed inside of your establishment. These signs are also built to last decades, so you won’t have to worry about any replacements any time soon.

You also don’t need to worry about installing them inside your establishment. They’re generally safer than other lighting sources, and they won’t even suffer any damage from power outages and surges.


4. Create a Lasting Impression

One of the best ways that business neon signs can help enhance your business is by making your brand more memorable. Neon signs easily catch your customers' attention, and depending on how yours are designed, can easily making lasting impressions.

If that happens, you can easily boost your business, and your neon signs could even become iconic. Your customers will remember how good your product or service is when they see your neon signs. Meanwhile, passersby will be curious as to what your business offers, prompting them to check out your products and/or services.


5. Make Your Business Stand Out

Not many establishments use neon lights nowadays, which makes it easier for you to use them as a distinguishing factor against other brands.

Furthermore, almost everything nowadays is all about social media, so neon light signs will have the added benefit of making your establishment look picture-ready. This can significantly increase your online presence, especially since classic trends and aesthetics are trendy nowadays.

Neon signs have also been widely utilized as an advertising strategy since they work perfectly in capturing customers' attention. They can signal your customers that your establishment is open for business or you have an ongoing promotion.


6. Neon Signs are Beautiful

Lastly, installing neon signs inside or outside your establishment can make a plain and boring space fancier and more stylish. And it’s for the simple reason that they’re simply beautiful to look at. Besides, they also add a hint of creativity to a given space.

Additionally, neon lights provide that retro and chill ambiance. This can help you achieve a relaxing environment without necessarily spending a lot of money on renovation and new furniture pieces.

If you’re trying to find something that can make your business more appealing, then you’d want to consider neon signs. You can go for a bar neon sign based on what you want for your business's visuals or budget. Anything goes!

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