Creating a Classic 50's Style Diner Using Neon Signs

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Creating a Classic 50's Style Diner Using Neon Signs

The kitchen is one of the most important places in a home. Food is just one reason that makes the dining area or kitchen so special. When it comes to home décor, the kitchen can serve as the focal point. If you are one of those people who love the class 50’s vibe, then this post is for you. We have some cool, vintage neon sign ideas to create that classic 50’s style Diner kitchen or game room in your home.

You can spice up your kitchen, basement, or even bars and restaurants with so many 50’s style neon signs, neon clocks, and neon sculptures. The chic, bright, neon signs will light up the evenings and wow your guests. The best thing is the endless placement options. With neon signs, you can revive the retro feels and celebrate the ‘50s style.


Dinner is Ready

A flickering diner neon sign is sure to tempt your family members to come to the dinner table. The bright red neon signs will not only add the classic 50’s vintage vibe to your kitchen, but it will also make you enjoy your family’s company.

Not to mention, the electrifying neon sign will earn you praises from every vintage lover. You can hang the sign in the kitchen or place it on the kitchen island. Some neon signs shine in the daytime as well, but nothing beats the classic retro feel when the neon signs glow at night.


Vintage Diner: Eat Here Neon Sign

Another diner neon sign that is nothing less than a show-stopping piece is a vintage style “Eat Here” sign cut in an arrow shape. What makes it even more fascinating is that the words are embossed on tin metal. Even if you are not hungry, this retro neon sign will make your diner feel authentic.

You can place it in your basement bar, the spot near your grill, or even the casual eat-in kitchen. You can never go wrong with this classic neon sign. The pooping colors, the vintage vibe, and the great weathered look make this neon sign a perfect fit for diners, homes, man caves, restaurants, and bars.


Hot Coffee Mug

What can be cozier in winter than an old-school coffee shop? Caffeine lovers can’t resist a hot cup of coffee. For many people, the day does not begin unless they get morning latte. You may have seen classic coffee neon signs outside coffee shops or even in the interior.

You can also create that cozy atmosphere in your kitchen with a coffee neon sign. Hang one on the kitchen wall. Invite your friend over for a cup of coffee, order burger and fries, play the classic tunes, and let the coffee sign glow.


A Donut a day…

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, chocolate lovers have a different mantra; they believe a donut a day keeps the stress away. Well, we don’t mean to encourage you to have donuts every day. However, one can’t resist a fresh donut with chocolate frosting and coating of sugary colored sprinkles.

Let’s face it: you may not be able to enjoy freshly baked donuts daily. However, you can satisfy your cravings by putting up a vintage embossed donut neon sign on the wall. Give in to your donut cravings in the classic 50’s style.


Did someone say Milkshake?

What’s more refreshing and energetic than a tall milkshake? It is the perfect treat for people who are concerned about their calories intake and fitness. While you may enjoy protein shakes, nothing can beat the goodness of fresh milkshakes.

Incorporate your love for milkshake and your creativity to add a classic vintage vibe to your kitchen counter. Not sure how to do it? Well, the answer is simple. Get a custom neon sign made for your kitchen.

You can also search online for classic 50’s style sundae neon signs. You can find chic neon signs in different popping and bright colors. For instance, you can opt for a yellow neon sign that look like mango ice cream.


Neon Open Sign

A glowing neon “open” sign is all you need to get friends excited about your new 50's themed diner. Whether you will be serving coffee, pizza, beer or ice cream, an eye-catching neon sign will brighten your room. 

You can also use a classic red and blue neon open sign for the next party at your home. If you are throwing a café-themed party, you can place an open neon sign at the entrance door or a wall to welcome the guests.

If you are love antiques and classic vibes, neon signs are the best way to reflect your love of all things vintage. Going one step further, you can complete your classic 50’s style theme with chic and catchy retro diner neon signs. If retro isn't your vibe, that's OK. We can create custom neon signs to suit any style.

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