Plug-in Neon Dimmer Electronic

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Use to dim electronic neon transformer with easy to use dial control. Great for newer beer signs. 

Before shopping for a dimmer please determine what type of transformer your have...

Conventional transformer: This type neon transformer is also known as a "Core & Coil". Conventional neon transformers have been around since day one lighting neon and are heavy @ 10+ lbs.

Electronic transformer: This type neon transformer is relatively new technology, powering neon for approximately the last 15-20 years. Most new Beer advertising neon signs come with Electronic type neon transformers, which are light @ 1-2 lbs.

Made for all  newer electronic type transformers. For coil and core transformers choose the conventional plug-in dimmer

* Important Note: This dimmer will only dim Electronic transformers approximately 10% - 20% due to their ground fault protection.

* Simple plug-in installation. Neon dimmer has an outlet built-in to plug your neon transformer into.
* Easy dial allows high/low light intensity control as well as on/off function.
* Mounting tab for securing dimmer to wall outlet.

* 5 AMP Maximum load (15,000vt/30ma OK).
* Works with most Electronic and Conventional type neon transformers.
* Lightweight & dependable solid-state construction.
* 3 1/2" H x 2 1/4" H x 3 3/4" D.
* One Year Limited Warranty. Imported