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Use to dim electronic neon transformer with easy to use dial control. Great for newer beer signs. For best dimming results, it is recommended you "overpower" the neon. For example, if the neon sign calls for a 7.500vt transformer normally, choose the next size up model (in this case a 9,000vt model) for best dimming results at the lower end. This dimmer can handle a 5-Amp load maximum. Generally speaking, this dimmer can handle one 15,000vt magnetic neon transformer or less

Before shopping for a dimmer please determine what type of transformer your have...

Conventional transformer: This type neon transformer is also known as a "Core & Coil". Conventional neon transformers have been around since day one lighting neon and are heavy @ 10+ lbs.

Electronic transformer: This type neon transformer is relatively new technology, powering neon for approximately the last 15-20 years. Most new Beer advertising neon signs come with Electronic type neon transformers, which are light @ 1-2 lbs.

Made for all  newer electronic type transformers. For coil and core transformers choose the conventional plug-in dimmer

* Important Note: This dimmer will only dim Electronic transformers approximately 10% - 20% due to their ground fault protection.

* Simple plug-in installation. Neon dimmer has an outlet built-in to plug your neon transformer into.
* Easy dial allows high/low light intensity control as well as on/off function.
* Mounting tab for securing dimmer to wall outlet.

* 5 AMP Maximum load (15,000vt/30ma OK).
* Works with most Electronic and Conventional type neon transformers.
* Lightweight & dependable solid-state construction.
* 3 1/2" H x 2 1/4" H x 3 3/4" D.
* 6 Month Limited Factory Warranty. 

Made in USA