Your Motto in Neon

Your Motto in Neon

You have your code, your motto, the phrase by which you live your life. Maybe it’s a piece of sage advice from a parent or grandparent. Perhaps it was something from English class that stood out, had color to it, and deep down just made sense in its sound. Or maybe it’s something that you yourself have cobbled together from hard-learned lessons in life. Either way, your motto is there for you. Now the only question is how will you display it?

If you want to do your favorite quote justice, have it stand out from tired trends, and see it in a way that will make you smile, then you might want to consider showcasing it with a custom neon sign. Here are just a few of the great things about neon.

1. It’s Unique Neon Sign

The concept of decorating with favorite phrases is far from new. If you go to any craft show or makers market, you’re bound to see a distressed, painted white piece of restored barn wood with something like “Whatever we do, let’s do it together” rustically painted on the front. In fact that’s what I bought from a market last year. It’s great. It really is. It’s also everywhere. Why not shake things up? Keep the message that has captured you, but show it off in a way that you definitely won’t see hanging on all of the neighbor’s walls.

That’s the beauty of neon signs in interior decorating. The concept itself is unique enough, but the fact that it is so customizable will set your display apart even more. With neon, you can work with the environment you’ve already created and love, and pour your own unique personality into the design. To keep things subtle, you can choose to give your motto a sleek look so that it blends in with the surroundings. Or you can let it be the main event of the room, making a statement as loud as you want. It’s up to you.

Your motto in neon will glow, stand out, and definitely spark conversation amongst your friends, as well as a little bit of jealousy.

2. Neon Gives Power and Wonder to Your Words

Even though the business world started using neon signs over a century ago, they still rely on the noble gas today to grab attention and communicate who they are. The reason is that neon adds power and fun to whatever it represents. Your motto is your style of life put into words. Neon actually displays those words with the same amount of life that your motto has in your heart.

That life and power also makes a neon display somewhat magical. I mean, it’s hard not to be caught and wowed by an image made of light. So if it feels like there’s a certain kind of magic to that favorite movie quote of yours or that phrase you use to remind yourself to live in the moment, then Neon may be the perfect way to give image to that magic.

Or perhaps what you love about your motto is the sense of wonder that it sparks in you. The artistic curves of the smooth glass tubes holding the ethereal light in a neon sign captures that wonder perfectly. At one point or another we’ve probably all been slowed to a stop while passing by a neon sign just to admire the fluidity and gentle mystery captured in its turns. This wonder and hypnotic attraction is one of the beautiful areas in which Neon accomplishes something that other modes of display do not. It stands above in its ability to create that certain flowing feeling in the heart that tells the onlooker they are on ride to a destination that they want to be.

Because of the inherent movement and animation that exists in neon display, there is so much potential to tell a story with your personal design. The image, style, and color with which neon allows you to spell out your motto runs ahead of the phrase itself to make a multipart production that speaks on a deeper level to whoever sees it. Neon is an art form that can make your motto more than words, but rather an entire picture that is worth a thousand of them.

3. A Friend’s Motto in Neon Makes a Great Personalized Gift.

A custom neon sign can also communicate something very special to a friend or loved one. Everyone knows that one of the greatest gifts you can give to a person is your sincere attention. It means a lot when someone knows that you have listened to them, heard them, and value their story. People have mottos, quotes that mean something to them, favorite lines, or even their own catchphrases. They say these things out loud because they are important to them and it is special when others are also impacted by the same words.

Receiving a custom neon sign with their own heartfelt words and in their own style would certainly be a unique experience that would communicate a lot to a friend. It would show that you hear them in a lively, warm, and glowing way. And you can bet that no one else will have gotten them the same thing.

So if you want to show someone you’re listening, or if you have your own motto that has seen you through a storm or two, or even a phrase that just makes you happy when you think about it and you would like to pay tribute to it properly by emblazoning it somewhere in your life. You may want to consider the dynamic and warm style that can only be achieved through your own custom neon sign.

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