Wham Bam Pow: The Animated Neon Sign

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Wham Bam Pow: The Animated Neon Sign

Welcome to the age of comic book movies.  While comic books have been around for a long time (over 100 years!), Hollywood has taken them to a new level by turning them into movies, turning our favorite comic book superheroes into global sensations.  These movies, based on the comics, have turned people who previously were not interested in the comics, into true fans. The movies have reignited the love for the comics and continues to this day to fan the flame of interest with every movie released.  By the time Avengers: Endgame (2019) was released, the Marvel movies had grown in popularity so much that it quickly rose to be the highest grossing movie of all time, earning a whopping $2.796 billion!

“Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” - Iron Man

Not only do our favorite superheroes offer inspiring life advice, but they also have some catchy phrases such as “To the Batcave, Robin!” - Batman.  Imagine a neon sign glowing yellow in the shape of Batman’s symbol with some blue or purple words reading “Bat Cave” or “Welcome to the Bat Cave”. Perhaps an addition of an animated neon sign consisting of Batman’s logo shining in different spots of your room would be more up your alley.  Holy smokes, Batman! What a way to wow your guests!

“Why do we fall?  So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” - Batman


A Brief History of Comics

Comic books in general have been around for longer than the superhero comics we’ve come to know and love.  The first comic as a print medium in American was in 1842 covering The Adventures of Mr. Obadiah Oldbuck and was only available in hardcover.  Superhero comic books rose to popularity in the 1930’s and were incredibly popular through the 1940’s. The first ever Superman comic was released in 1938 by Detective Comics (DC) and it was through the popularity of Superman’s comics that the popularity of superhero comics would continue to grow.  Not long after Superman’s series began, Marvel Comics released their first ever comic in 1939.  

“I’m here to fight for the truth, and justice, and the American way.” - Superman


DC vs. Marvel Comics

Both comics have their own superheroes and villains.  They also have very different fan bases who are engaged in a never-ending debate of which is better: DC or Marvel, who would win in a battle: DC or Marvel.

Some of the DC superheroes we’ve come to know, and love include Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.  Man caves across the globe are decorated with Superman swag, blue and red neon Superman S’s, and other memorabilia.  With the recent release of the Wonder Woman movie, children across the nation dressed up as their favorite heroine for Halloween.  Many women across the nation have taken a shining to Wonder Woman, wearing Wonder Woman tees, decorating their spaces with Wonder Woman memorabilia.  The love for DC superheroes was amplified in Batman vs. Superman, which Wonder Woman made her first appearance before starring in her own movie.

“In a world of ordinary mortals, you are a wonder woman.” - Queen Hippolyta

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are all staples in the world of neon lights, a must have item.  Why not take it to the next level? Picture a Superman decorating your walls in his suit, but then rips open his shirt to reveal his Superman costume.  Animated neon signs can offer that wow factor to adults and children alike, making you the talk of the town. There are even animated neon signs in which Batman and Robin climb a rope up a wall. 

Marvel has created an entire universe, the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU), to encompass all of their superheroes!  The list includes Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Doctor Strange, Spiderman, Black Panther, Captain America and Captain Marvel and we can’t leave out the hilariously inappropriate Deadpool.  The MCU created the Avengers to solve the world’s biggest problems and rope in the most money at the box office!

For the Marvel comic fan, the world is your oyster!  Neon lights can be shaped like Thor’s hammer, the Spiderman spider or even made to look like Captain America’s shield.  Custom neon lights are also an option for those who want to see their favorite saying lighting up the walls of their home or office.  Thor’s hammer sending out bolts of lightning would be an awesome animated neon sign to add to your memorabilia collection or even Spiderman shooting out his web.  

“Faith is my sword.  Truth is my shield. Knowledge my armor.” - Stephen Strange 

Regardless of whether you’re more of a Marvel or DC fan, you have to admit an animated neon sign showcasing your favorite superhero would be an awesome addition to your collection of memorabilia.

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