Using Neon Signs to Add Personality to Your Home Bar

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Using Neon Signs to Add Personality to Your Home Bar

If you have your own home bar, then you know that there’s more to it than just having the right drinks. The other part is figuring out how to bring out your bar’s personality. A good home bar needs its spirits, but it also needs its heart and soul. Figuring out what look to give to your bar area can sometimes be fun, it can sometimes be difficult, but it should always be intentional. So whether you’re beginning the process of defining your bar’s personality, or if you’re looking for that one last thing to add just the right touch, it may be time to bring some custom neon signage to your home bar. If you’re wondering how you could best use neon for yourself, here are a few ideas.

Set Up The Theme of Your Bar

The right neon signs can really help capture the type of bar that you want in your home. Maybe you’re after a tropical tiki style, a classic casino theme, a cool dark nightclub aura, or maybe you have a wilder side and you want more of a biker bar feel. The right neon sign design can make your style clear from the first look, and can help you feel like you’re where you want to be. Neon sets the stage perfectly for how you want your area to look to you and your friends.

Show What Your Bar Doubles As

Neon can also help you bring other aspects of your home bar into focus. It may be that you’ve designed your bar room as a multipurpose area where you can also enjoy some fun while you’re having your favorite drink.

For example, your bar may also be the game room where you shoot pool or play darts. It could do the area justice to get a classic looking neon sign that says “Pool Room,” or a neon image of the iconic “eight ball” to hang above the pool table. You could similarly have a sign designating the darts area as well.

Perhaps your bar also contains your home theater where you settle in with a drink to watch movies on the big screen. Movie theaters have been using neon for decades, and seeing the classic colorful arches emblazoned around the word “Cinema” or the traditional movie popcorn design in bright neon colors may be exactly what completes the feel for your movie room.

Your Bar’s Name in Neon Glass

If you’re looking for the absolute best way to use neon signs to personalize your home bar, then the first step for you may be to display your bar’s name in neon. Perhaps you’ve given a lot of thought into a unique name for your bar, or maybe it’s as simple and effective as just your name in neon high on the wall above the bar. Either way, naming your bar and writing it in light can change it from just a small corner of a basement to a destination you look forward to arriving at and hosting from.

Functional Fanfare

If you want to use neon to add fun to your home bar, you’re not limited to keeping it only in the bar room itself. It can also be used to create anticipation on the way to your bar. Neon signs with intentional designs placed strategically in your house or outside can be useful at hinting at what is to come. For instance, putting “Bar Down Stairs” in bright neon at the top of the stairway, or a neon arrow pointing the way to the party could give something extra to your bar that makes it more of a main feature in your home. You could also get a timeless neon open sign to hang above the doorway into the bar room. Letting neon pave the path to your home bar may be the perfect way for you to show respect to the environment that you have taken so much time and care to create.

Subtle Highlights

Neon isn’t only about bold designs and spelling out phrases. If you like the feel of warm neon light conservatively falling on the surfaces of your bar area, but something like a giant neon football helmet wouldn’t send the right vibe, then there are perfect subtle options as well. A few simple lines on the posts in your basement bar, or a minimalist neon frame around a mirror on the wall may give the warm glow you’re looking for without drawing undesired attention to itself. Simple neon curves and lines are often used in decorating to accent existing features and give glowing backlight to create just the right feel. With a little thought and the right artistic eye, these types of low-key neon highlights could make your home bar exactly what you’ve been imagining.

Bars and neon are the perfect combination. From the classiest of clubs to the most comfortable local taverns, neon has been helping commercial bars demonstrate the heart of who they are for more than a hundred years. If you have a home bar, chances are that it represents something special to you. If you want to show off the personality that you know your bar has, then the right neon sign may be one of the best and most fun ways to make your vision come to life.

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