Top 5 Benefits of Business Neon Signs

Top 5 Benefits of Business Neon Signs

The methods used for attracting customers to a business have come a long way since the first use of neon signs in the 1920’s, yet nothing can compare to the simple bright messages written in lights. Combine neon text with a frame of lights for a truly bold sign that can be seen from all around.

Business neon signs instantly draw attention, whether they are lit during the day or night. They give people a sense of excitement and fun, especially when placed in an area that really makes them pop. These positive feelings give businesses a good look, plus many more benefits that many never even realize to be a good investment.

Business Neon Signs Have Eye-Catching Night Visibility

More than a way to add a pop of color and interest to a business, neon signs are the best way to really get someone’s attention at night. Who can resist a bright colorful light in the darkness?

With so many unique ads, décor and stylish lighting options available today, it can be difficult to stand out from the rest. A colorful contrast in the night will not only draw attention to a business, but also give customers information about the brand or service available. In an age where endless information is shown and processed at crazy speeds, a quick eye-catching sign will get more views than a sign that blends in with the rest.

Cost-Saving Efficiency with a Business Neon Sign

The initial cost of creating a neon sign often seems higher than the cost of standard lighting or a display sign, but the overall savings just cannot be beat. The overall energy efficiency of a neon light is far better than a basic fluorescent or incandescent light. Overall, the neon lights will only use 50% of the power that other lights use, even when lit for 12 to 24 hours a day.

Even LED lights are now known to be highly cost-saving to run in homes and businesses, but when you compare them to neon lights, the savings are less obvious. LED lights will have a much lower light output, and if they were to bump up the strength of the light to match closely to that of neon lights, the cost to run both lights would be very similar.

Make a Long-Term Investment

Making and shaping a neon light sign may take a lot of time and effort, which many would assume is costly for a business, but the long-term savings are just too good to pass.

Once a custom neon sign is made, the lifespan of the sign will last for many years, if not several decades before they will require a change. This becomes one less thing to worry about for a business owner, which is not only the cost, but also the maintenance and replacement of the signs.

Posters and sign boards wear down and eventually fade, especially when facing the sunlight or when placed in high traffic areas, but a bright neon light display looks amazing whether it is displayed indoors or out.


Business Neon Signs Make a Statement

To set a business apart from the rest, a beautiful brightly lit neon sign truly makes a bold statement. Use it in order to make the business name pop, highlight a catchy tagline, or create a unique look for a logo that really draws attention. The options available for the size and complexity of neon lights makes is such a versatile option no matter what the use may be.

The variety of colors and styles that neon light displays have available, provide companies with the freedom to create a look that gets people talking. This is especially easy with the variety of tube sizes that are available today. Choose from thin script style neon tubes, or a big bold look that can be seen from a great distance.

Design Anything with Custom Neon Signs

Create a unique look that perfectly works with your brand and style with custom neon signs. The beauty of bending and shaping neon tubes is that they can be designed to look like anything a business may need. From specific words and brand names, to images and logos, pretty much anything goes in the design, and the wide range of colors available can easily match any décor.

Use them to highlight products by creating a beautiful neon glow around displays, draw attention to promos with catch words and phrases, or boldly reinforce a name or logo for brand recognition.

The bright look of neon signs creates a playful bold statement that can easily fit into any look for a business. Invest in a long-term advertisement with unique sophisticated lighting, or show off fun displays with incredible colorful neon lights that show off the business and product personality.

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