Neon Signs: The Dos and Don’ts

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Neon Signs: The Dos and Don’ts

Neon signage has over the years proven effective, specifically for businesses that operate round the clock. This unique advertising tool draws customers to your store or establishment both day and night, a quality conventional printed or painted signs lack. The use of business neon signs as an advertising tool has some well-documented benefits, but there are several things that you should get right from the get-go. These are some of the guiding principles to help you get the most out of the blinking neon signs at your storefront.



The location of your neon sign matters a lot and could determine just how effective it is in influencing people to walk in and have a look. The distance has to be just right. Put up your neon open sign a reasonable distance from your store entrance. Right after seeing the beauty of the blinking lights, a passerby immediately tries to locate your front door. Avoid long distances between the open sign and the store entrance as a tedious search subsequently results in a loss of interest and the loss of potential customers.

Avoid crowded locations. Crowding leads to ambiguity, and the prospective customer has a hard time trying to identify your store if the neon sign sits between a multitude of others. Always go for a spacious, clearly visible location, one that makes it easy even for a stranger to locate your premises right after seeing the  sign.

Avoid barriers. Your neon sign is no good if the people you want to attract can't see it. The principal idea of advertising is to display business names and brands in a visible and captivating manner. Take time and survey the area, mapping the angles to identify the best possible location for your business neon sign. Roadsides are simple, with a double-sided sign at the storefront on the side of the road in your parking lot working to perfection.

For all their beauty and glamor, business neon signs are a delicate advertising tool. Don’t set up your side too low in crowded areas, or in a location that might see it damaged by projectiles. Erect your sign high enough to keep it safe from physical damage, but low enough for visibility with minimal strain.


The Design

Custom neon signs bring out the personality of your business, using colors and shape to introduce your products and services to every pedestrian or motorist. A shoddy design and a poor choice of colors will cost you business.

As a business owner, you understand best the impression you want your advertising media to make to prospective customers. One option is to personally come up with a design that accurately represents your business or brand; if possible, with your company colors. Create several templates for your neon sign designs and pick the best one. However, if you lack the skills to design a custom sign that genuinely stands out, engage a professional designer for cutting-edge artwork and color schemes.

For your design, avoid the temptation to include too much detail or wording. Typically, neon signs use names and shapes such as arrows to capture the attention of a passerby. Go for a shape that suits your location, with vertical lettering ideal for narrow streets. It is advisable to go for the clean, simple, and elegant design that catches the eye at first glance. Bar signs, for instance, may include the name of the bar with blinking mugs of beer and an arrow pointing to the entrance — simple, effective.


Signs go up and stay on location for up to a decade or more. During that period, exposure to the elements takes its toll. In open areas, the wind blows continuously, so your neon sign needs a stable frame to withstand the turning effect of the wind. Raining also floods the curbs and embankments, and anything that isn't firm may wash off or fall. For signs mounted on a metal frame, ensure that the base is stable and goes well underground for sufficient stability.

A lack of stability causes your sign to sway in the wind or stand awkwardly. If unchecked, your sign eventually falls and suffers significant damage. Neon tubes are delicate and demand a specific level of care. Unstable signs also give the wrong impression on both your existing and prospective customers. Such an image indicates age and unprofessionalism.


Observing the above guidelines helps you get a good neon sign and directs you on the best places to set up. Get a proper design, with a harmony of colors and shapes that accurately represents your business. Avoid overly elaborate designs that may see some of the elements lost in the details. For the components, observe the size, such that your sign template displays everything well. Have a decent idea on what you want the passerby to see; a stable lit display, a blinking one, or both in alternation.

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