Neon Signs - Old is New

Neon Signs - Old is New

Surprisingly, the new-age is familiar with technology, but people are still attracted to the old signage mainstays especially in case of neon. Many companies are more dedicated these days to create “new signs” that are reminiscent of yesteryear. If you have ever visited the City of Memphis TN, you will have seen Bass Pro Shops nationally recognized flagship store that encompasses this vintage look.

Brass Pro Shop Neon Signs

Waterfowl neon sign
Known as the “8th Wonder of the World”, the Brass Pro Shops massive 32 story/535,000sf store is positioned as the Worlds Largest Pyramid. How did Bass Pro Shops endeavor to design visual signage for entrances into the various sections of this colossal structure without appearing dwarfed and all the while maintaining a down home feel? Using neon of course! Facades and directional neon are integrated into the overall design concept of an old-time bayou village.

In April, thousand of residents congregated in the parking lot of the Pyramid for the grand opening, amidst music and speeches. However once the festivities died down, the neon signs assumes the staring role as the crowd slowly filed inside. Not only does the neon gives a unique look to the interior of this retail nexus, but also beckons visitors to explore. Retail signage for specific products (rain wear, hunting clothing and fly shops) blend into the themed visual presentations to provide easy way finding for customers.

An example of animated neon signage can be seen in the Waterfowl sign, as visitors experience flying ducks chasing one another into cattails  below. Other signs include the neon-illuminated Fish Bowl sign as the one of the main features of Big Cypress Lodge. A leggy female figure beckons shoppers to the Ladies Apparel section. The animated Footwear sign would have been at home on the storefront of a 1930's cobbler. In the center of it all, the worlds tallest freestanding elevator glows in neon as it rises to an observation deck above.

With more than 35,000 visitors a day this retail giant attracts visitors and tourists from all over the world proving that using the power of neon is just good design.

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