Neon Marquee Signs Make a Comeback

Neon Marquee Signs Make a Comeback

We often hear about the death of neon advertising. Yet neon signs have been making a comeback in the last 10 years or so. Cities have begun to embrace the restoration of their old landmark neon marquee signs in an attempt to rejuvenate barren downtowns. Neon marquee signs have begun to illuminate the streets and as the saying goes "bright lights...big city!". Detroit has sprouted neon marquees in parts of the city that haven't seen this art form for decades. The Fox Theater was restored to it former glory in the late 80's. Some new comers on the block include the Greektown Casino, the Trapper's Alley watertower, the Hockeytown cafe, and the retro sign at the newly reopened Gem Theatre just to name a few.

In Scottsville Michigan, the neon marquee on the old Star Theater has been renovated to its former glory, even though the building itself no longer houses a theater and is a facade for a business. Opened by 1914 as the A-Muz-U Theatre. It was renamed Star Theatre in 1927 and was located on South Main Street. It seated a little under 500. It remained a downtown showplace until the late-1990’s.

In 2011, it became the home of Carr Communications which is an internet provider for the area. Fire House Neon was hired to replicate the neon. The marquee is was renovated and is used by Carr for advertising their rates for internet service.  

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