Harley Davidson Gift Ideas: Neon Signs

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Harley Davidson Gift Ideas: Neon Signs

It is the time of the year that gives you so many reasons to celebrate. First, the arrival of fall – the nature has embraced the colors and leaves have turned orange. Most importantly, Christmas is around the corner – festivities, exchange of gifts, and holidays. How exciting!

Perhaps, you have a long list of friends and family who are awaiting a gift from your end. While you may have some items on your list already, nothing beats the custom neon signs and lights. If you have some biking enthusiasts in friends and family, then we have some cool Harley Davidson gift ideas for you. 


Harley Davidson: the Biking Beast

Harley Davidson –the name needs no introduction. One of the most celebrated models in the biking world, Harley Davidson, is an epitome of passion, freedom, and liberation. Harley Davidson was invented in 1903, and ever since then, it has been ringing the hearts of bike riders.

You may have seen hardcore Harley Davidson fans riding the beast across the streets of America. The legendary emblazon powered with the roaring engines moves the heart of biking enthusiasts every time. Bikers feel liberated and strong riding a Harley Davidson.

Hardcore fans express their love for the two-wheeler in different ways. They decorate the fuel tanks of their bikes and adorn their skin with dazzling Harley Davidson tattoos. Some passionate fans also put up Harley Davidson neon signs and neon clocks in their rooms, man cave, gaming areas, and bar corner.


Neon Signs and Gifts for Harley Davidson Fans

So, if you have some people around who have immense love for the two-wheel beast, look no other than for some Harley Davidson neon signs. From clocks to belts, shields, and other scintillating signs, there are a plethora of options. Let’s explore some of the cool Harley Davidson gift ideas.

Live to Ride

The true Harley Davidson fans must be familiar with this tagline. “Live to ride,” these three words describe the passion of bike enthusiasts for Harley. You can incorporate this tagline in a custom neon sign.

Whether it’s Christmas or birthday, a Harley Davidson fan is sure to love this customized gift. While you may go with any color, orange neon lights add a sparkling effect. Also, you may choose a bold or italic font for the tag to make it more attractive.

Retro Harley Neon Clocks

Perhaps the best thing about neon signs and clocks is the customization option. If your brother, spouse, or friend loves Harley, you can gift a retro Harley Bike clock to them. The double white and orange neon lights and the shimmery chrome housing will add an electrifying look.

Again, it is not necessary to opt for orange and white neon clocks. Even the combination of black and red neon lights can make a bold statement. Your brother might put the clock in his man cave garage or the gaming area.


Up Your Game with an Official Harley Davidson Neon Clock

Even if you gifted a Retro neon clock to a Harley Davidson fan last year only, you could go for another clock this year. A die-hard fan would not mind having a new sparkling Harley Davidson Neon clock for their garage. Why settle with one clock when you can have two?

An H-D Bar and Shield neon clock might be the only thing to create the buzzing environment for your friend’s garage or gaming area. The orange flames will ring the hearts of the biking enthusiasts for sure.

A Fiery H-D Motor Cycle Bike Neon Sign

Think out of the box; go beyond imagination. How about gifting a fiery motorcycle bike neon sign to your spouse on this wedding anniversary? Harley Davidson embossed on the orange flames will kindle the fire of love. The bright, colorful neon sign will accentuate your room and add a fiery flair.


Break the Stereotypes

Biking has always been associated with men. Very few people would think of gifting something linked to Harley Davidson to a girl. However, many female bikers share the same passion for riding as their male counterparts.

Harley Davidson is a reflection of freedom, power, and strength. Let's break the stereotypes; instead of gifting lipsticks and bags, surprise your girl with an H-D wall clock. Not only will it light up her room, but will also brighten up her day.


Final Thoughts

Neon signs are a visual treat; they can brighten up a dull space into an electrifying party area. People who have a passion for bikes and are die-hard Harley Davidson fans love the gifts that have some Harley element. Harley motorcycles, neon clocks, shields, and hangings are a perfect gift that you can give to any Harley Davidson enthusiast.

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