Express Yourself with a Custom Neon Sign

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Express Yourself with a Custom Neon Sign

While some people like to keep their feelings secret, others love to express them in unique ways. They want others to know what they feel, what they believe in, and how they see life. You may express yourself in many forms, but if you want to be innovative, let a custom neon sign do the job. Whether you love the vintage vibes or like to keep it chic and funky, you can have your custom neon sign.

The shimmery neon signs have been lighting up pizzerias, bars, and streets for the last hundred years. Neon signs, which were once considered to be branding tools, have made their way in homes and apartments. Now, people love to adorn their walls and make a bold statement with custom neon signs.

Use a Custom Neon Sign to Express Yourself

So, is there a quote that inspires you, or a movie title or lyric that defines you? Perhaps, there is a phrase that expresses your personality and reflects your mantra. How about turning your favorite line into a radiant custom neon sign?

You may get customized neon signage for your room’s corner, side table, or wall. From color to length and width, soft lighting to shimmery party lights, you have many options to play with. Also, you may have the backboard of your neon sign cut around the shape, or get it cut in a shape you want.

Custom neon signs allow you to add a creative flair, a personal touch, and an iconic visual style to your space. Here are some cool ideas that you may like to incorporate in your custom neon sign.

1. I am Alive!

“I get wings to fly I feel that I’m alive.” If you are a Celine Dion fan, you need no introduction to this iconic song. Perhaps, many of you can relate to this on different levels. “I am alive,” these three words, in particular, are so powerful and inspiring. They give you hope and a reason to keep advancing in life. You can have these magic words turn into a custom neon sign for your bedroom wall, or your favorite corner of the room.

2. I am My Hero

While it is natural to get inspired by people around you and idolize them, loving yourself is equally important. You can write your own story, and be the hero. Why follow the path lead by others and not paving the way for yourself on your own? If you are someone who has faith and courage to live a life guided by their own rules, this custom neon sign is for you. You can make a bold statement with this powerful quote lighting up your wall.

3. Live and Let Live

This phrase sums up how one should spend time in this world; the message is clear and straight. Not only will this custom neon enhance your room décor, but it will also subtly convey your message. You don’t have to be a philosopher to understand this simple rule. Don’t interfere in anyone's life, nor let others invade your personal space. Again, you can experiment with the lettering style, size, and the lighting effect to create your own neon sign.

4. Party on My Mind

Life is too short to spend on whining and complaining. If you are one those who live every moment to the fullest, then this neon sign is for you. You may not be having the best of days, but you can beat the odds with a gleaming smile and an electrifying party. Funky “Party on my Mind” expression in a custom neon will add a creative flair to your room and turn it into a terrific fete space.

5. Pizza Don’t Ditch

Whether you are depressed or happy, a pizza slice is a perfect companion. You may have seen pizza neon signs on eateries or food streets. Those “glowing slices” surely look tempting and make you crave for a pizza date. It does not matter what is happening in your life, pizza “stands by” you; pizza doesn’t ditch. Why not express your love for pizza and food with “Pizza don’t Ditch” neon motto in your room or kitchen?

You may express yourself with signs as well rather than quotes or phrases. A pair of hearts, a small glittery diamond, a winking eye, a bird, or a victory symbol, you can create many neon signs. Red lips for a chic look, or a cloud for a subtle and soothing effect, the choice is all yours. Using your creativity, you can create  your own personalized neon sign for any corner or wall of your home or office.


Final Thoughts

Over the years, we have seen neon signs become a popular choice for wall décor in homes and apartments too. While there are business neon signs and bar neon signs, you can have a customized neon sign for any purpose. Not only you can use a neon sign to enhance the décor, but it can also serve as a form of self-expression.

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