Custom Neon Signs: A Potent Advertising Tool

Custom Neon Signs: A Potent Advertising Tool

Georges Claude invented the neon lamp in the early 20th Century, with his invention going on display on December 11th, 1910. The scientist went on to develop the neon lighting tube in January 1915. Claude Neon, the scientist's company, produced a couple of neon gas signs in the US for the Packard car dealership in LA. The two signs, simply reading ‘Packard,' went for a significantly hefty $24,000. Since then, neon lighting has come a long way, establishing itself as a useful component of the advertising industry.

Why Invest in a Custom Neon Sign?

Business owners consider all possible avenues when carving their niche in a competitive global market. For an idea to warrant consideration, the benefits have to be clear, with the tool in question offering a means of announcing you to the public and capturing the attention of each individual in the vicinity. So why get a custom neon sign? Here’s why.


Great Visibility

Bright lights effortlessly catch the eye. For new businesses, in particular, you will need to announce your presence and stand out from the competition. Even without darkness, the signs still display your business name in a bright palette, capturing the attention of pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists near your store. With a brilliant display, your business stands out. Neon signs ensure visibility, even in crowded locations.


Round-the-clock Functionality

A selection of businesses operate day and night. Conventional signs don't offer much in terms of advertising potential once its dark. Neon signs, however, keep potential customers aware of your establishment even at night. Hospitals, hotels, bars, casinos, motels, and pharmacies are some of the businesses that benefit the most from neon sign advertising. Bar neon signs, in particular, are seen as a classic advertising tool when the sun sets.

Design Flexibility

In business advertising, impressions matter, and what people see at your storefront remains essential. Individuals and franchises, therefore, take time to come up with captivating designs for maximum effect when attracting traffic to various store locations. Some individuals choose online design platforms to come up with multiple templates, with different shapes, colors, and sizes. If you lack the skill set necessary for a design that stands out, consider employing the services of a professional designer.

A Pocket-friendly Option

Neon signs don’t have a filament, meaning that the signs cost little to purchase and maintain. The engineering in the signs involves electrodes and a setup that ensures that your signs typically outlasts the standard light bulb. The judicious use of electricity means that 90-watt sign costs 20 cents a day to operate, running for 24 hours. Advertising is at times a costly but necessary business component, and thankfully this economical option won’t inflate your bills.


Impressive Range

Due to their size, color, and bright lights, neon signs are visible from long distances. When it gets dark, for instance, your sign attracts the attention of customers from an even more extensive range as our eyes quickly notice bright lights. Position your sign well for maximum effect. Avoid barriers such as buildings and other signs that may interfere with visibility. Also, check the height and avoid setting it too high or too low. With proper positioning, neon signs attract the attention of potential customers over considerable distances

A Long Lifespan

With appropriate maintenance, well-built neon signs serve for  a lifetime. Considering the little expense in terms of electricity consumption and general maintenance, that's one sweet advertising deal. Painted signs generally fade over time due to exposure to the elements, while offering close to no advertising value in the dark. Neon signs, on the other hand, cost very little to power and maintain and provide a decade or more of round-the-clock advertising. Traditional light signs are at times known to experience problems in six months.

Our Take on Custom Neon Signs

Business neon signs offer long-terms advertising solutions at an affordable cost. Considering their effectiveness after dark, this added advantage makes them a standout option for many 24-hour businesses. Firms and individuals generally go for tailor-made options that effectively represent your business or brand and draw focus to your store brand, and neon signs offer custom designs to address that concern effectively.

The visibility and 24-hour functionality of neon signs are big selling points for this advertising tool. For most businesses, light signs offer a viable option. However, some light signs such as LED begin failing in as little as six months and are, therefore, not a reliable long-term advertising tool. If you want your signs to last long and attract customers even at night, neon signs are the way to go.

Before you set up your sign, take time, and do some research on your location. Get to know the most suitable position and height, somewhere it's easily visible by pedestrians and motorists alike. Get the proper size and light color, making it easy to spot without much effort. When in doubt, consult your designer, get several templates and choose the best.

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