4 Ideas For Decorating Your Home with Neon Signs

4 Ideas For Decorating Your Home with Neon Signs

Neon signs have been a trend for a few years now, especially for parties, stores and now in homes! They add fun and a sense of personality to the home, from the kitchen to rooms to the little corners, they sure make great home decor.

Whether they are for decoration or setting up a space that matches your personality or mood, neon signs can light up everything.

Neon signs can be in different forms including;

  • A piece of artwork or image
  • Charming phrases and words
  • A shape, Object... and so on 

So how can you decorate different parts of your homes with neon signs? Let’s find out...

1. Neon Signs in the Bedroom

Neon signs are great for bedrooms. The place where you sleep and rest should have these signs that surround you with feelings of serenity. Also, they make bedrooms look unique, welcoming and add a 'party feels' to your sleeping space.
Using custom neon signs is a creative way to illuminate and decorate your bedrooms. It could be a sign of your favorite phrase or mantra above your bed. Further, it could be a shape of an image, like a crescent, or anchor hung around the walls of the room.

You could also attach the neon sign to a side of the wall or over the whole bed. Depending on your choice, choose the colors and sizes suitable for you and that matches your room.

Further, neon signs are also a beautiful way to decorate the nursery and children’s room. You could use warm colors to display the names or nicknames of your little ones. Or you could make it an art of their favorite cartoon character or shapes to make the room reflect their personalities and interests.


2. Neon Signs in the Living Room

Another part of the home you can spice up with neon lights is the living room. The living room is a place for relaxation, socializing, spending time with the family or visitors and living. There should be a space for neon signs to make the living room a unique and dynamic area. It could be random, personal or witty signs.

A living room with a gentle color scheme will brighten up with pop colors from neon signs. This could be a welcoming sign that gets the attention of whoever enters the room or in a corner, like below the frames of photographs or above a door or a side of the wall. Go for different shapes or phrases, images or artwork or words of inspiration and motivation.

Some parts of the living rooms that will do well with neon signs include:

  • Reading corners
  • Above the sofa
  • Over the bars
  • Over the walls, above the mantelpiece, and so much more


3. Neon Signs in the Kitchen and Dining Room

Neon signs are also great for adding a touch of quirkiness to your kitchen. The best neon signs are those that blend with the environment and match what space is about.

There are usually some eating phrases and signs inspired by cooking and eating that will be great for kitchens. For dining rooms, you can use vibrant signs that give off the vibes of a bar for a classic look.


4. The Little Corners in the Home

You can't ignore those little corners in the house when decorating the home. Meanwhile, with carefully chosen neon signs, you can make these corners stand out and bring the best out of them.

Examples of corners you can spice up include;

  • Your entryway can be more glamorous and inviting by installing a neon light.
  • Space for family photographs can be made more dazzling.
  • The walls around a staircase deserve some neon signs too.
  • Neon signs in bathrooms aren’t common, but aren’t a taboo either. Nothing is stopping you from going creative with your bathroom.
  • Wardrobes, closets and study rooms can do better with subtle relaxing neon signs.

If you work from home or have a creative space where you get things done, you already know neon signs can help with inspiration and spark up your creative energy! A subtle, tender decor in your working corner will be dazzling.

Final Thoughts:

Neon signs are must-have accessories to decorate the homes, especially if you love an interior with a bit of edge. Living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, work corner, and even bathrooms are perfect places to display these beautiful elements.
Apart from beautifying the homes, you can use neon signs to personalize your home and make your walls speak without making a sound. You can’t go wrong with them.

Depending on your taste, choose from the various forms, sizes, designs, and colors of these pieces of magic and transform your spaces with them. And if you can’t find one that interests you, you can easily get a custom neon sign made.

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