Plug-in Neon Flasher 3-Point

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Used to flash neon transformers and incandescent loads.
Plug-In 3 - Point Flasher is as easy as it comes. Simply plug your Neon Transformers or Incandescent loads into the flasher. Next, plug the flasher into a grounded 120vt wall outlet... installation complete!

Via the on-board dial, select your own flash speed. Can't be any easier than that!
This 3 circuit model looks identical to the 4 circuit model, but one outlet is inactive.

* One outlet is energized at a time (1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1 ...)
* Easy Dial allows Infinite flash rate selection of 3 seconds per outlet up to super fast strobing.
* Input: 120 Volts/60 Hz AC
* Output: Each heavy duty socket can output 960 watts or 8 amps (each socket can handle up to a 15,000vt neon transformer)
* Convenient Mounting Brackets
* Cord: Black, 6' Grounded 3-Prong, UL Listed
* Dimensions: 5" Length, 5" Width, 3" Tall - 2lbs
* U.L. Recognized Solid State Flasher
* Made in the USA
* One Year Limited Warranty