Neon Transformer Power Supply 12 Volt

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A 12 volt neon transformer beefed up for larger projects.
This 12 volt transformer is a "Full Range" model which will automatically self-adjust to the neon load up to it's maximum. Fully potted for outdoor use. 

Output: 7,500 vts/20mA
12 Volt draw: 5 Amps
Dimensions: 5 1/4"L  x 2"W x 1.5"D
*The high voltage leads are approx. 11" long.
*The 12vt input wires are approx. 12" long.
*The 12vt input Red POS (+) wire features an inline fuse.
Maximum Length
Neon 15mm/20' 13mm/18' 12mm/16' 10mm/11'
Argon 15mm/25' 13mm/22' 12mm/19' 10mm/16'
One year warranty