Neon Power Supply 12 Volt

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Super thin neon transformer makes it great for art projects and car neon as it is easily hide!
With it's very low power consumption and powerful output, this unit is ideal for battery operated projects.
This transformer is a "Full Range" model which will automatically self-adjust to the neon load up to it's maximum. Fully potted and fused for outdoor use.
Very Small Neon Power Supply 12 VoltIncredibly small (compare to a quarter). Less than 1" thick!
Input: 120vt/60Hz -  0.22 Watts 
Output: 5,000 vts - 20mA
12 volt draw: 0.8 amps
Max neon length: 13' (12mm argon)
Dimensions: 2.75" x 1.75" x 0.8"
6" high voltage wires
Self adjusting o neon load
Absolutely no mercury migration
Less than 1% failure rate.
Warranty: 1 year
Neon Power Supply 12 Volt AdapterThe Enforcer is also available with our UL listed 120vt Wall Adapter. Power cord length varies (generally 6ft).
Optional - Battery Pack
*Output: 12vtDC
*Holds Eight D cell batteries
*5 1/2" Pos and Neg wires
*Three internal mounting holes
*10" L, 3" W, 1 1/4" Tall
Batteries not included
Power supply batter pack
Neon Power Supply 12 Volt Wall Adapter Female JackNormally the end user connects the wall adapter to this power supply permanently. When installed, this Female Jack option allows the Wall Adapter to be unplugged from the power supply.