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Custom Neon SignsLETTER ONLY NEON SIGNS - Choose from a variety of stock neon sign templates to create your own message at an affordable price.



Custom Neon SignTEMPLATE NEON SIGNS - An economical way to create a truly unique neon sign.



Oval Custom Neon SignOVAL LETTER ONLY NEON SIGNS - Your best value in a custom neon sign.



Animated Custom Neon SignOVAL TEMPLATE NEON SIGNS - You don't need to pay more for a flashing neon sign.




Do you have an idea you would like to see rendered in neon? Are you needing  a quantity of  1 or 100? Would you like your custom neon signs to be animated? We have that covered too. Whether it be a small custom neon sign for residential use or a large scale outdoor commercial job, we will work with you to bring your vision for a custom neon sign to life.  See below for examples of our work.


CONTACT US and our custom neon sign specialists we will answer any questions you may have about custom neon signs.  

What Makes an Artistic Custom Neon Sign from Fire House Neon Special?

Neon Glass BendingWe are custom neon sign experts. This is our lively hood and we take pride in every custom neon sign we make. Our neon sign glass benders are the top in the county. The quality and craftsmanship of their neon glasswork shows in every custom neon sign. Only premium UL listed components and UL2161 neon power supplies are used for long reliability and dependability. Our custom neon sign component are designed by industry leaders with names you can trust for quality. We provide premium color neon tubing from EGL and Voltarc for unmatched brilliance and consistent color even at the tightest bends.  You will see difference quality makes!

How do we get the neon colors?

The initial color source is the inert gas, which emits a characteristic color when electricity is applied. The two most common gases are neon, which emits a fiery red, and a mixture of argon and minute particles of mercury, which emits a subdued blue. Clear glass allows you to see the characteristic colors emitted by the gas. Fluorescent powders may be painted or baked to the inside walls of the glass tubing and the source light is then converted into a multitude of shades such as pink, turquoise, and green. By altering the mixture of elements, subtle differences are possible. For example, white is available in a wide array of color temperatures from warm to cool.  For more information visit our frequently asked neon sign questions.



Retro exposed custom neon sign on a raceway, attracts customer attention 24/7 and presents a professional image.

From concept drawings to actual custom neon sign, we are here to assist you.


Render you corporate logo in neon.


Contact Us for a quick quote on a custom neon sign designed specially for you.         

Some of the sign specifications that will assist us in quoting your artistic custom neon sign include:

  1. 1) The size and location of the custom neon sign  (indoor/outdoor, wall/window)         
    2) Whether you require a neon border.

  2. 3) The font style: e.g. BLOCK (most economical), Script or custom.

  3. 4) The neon colors color(s) - view our color chart.

  4. 5) The text and graphics  -  A graphic in AI, EPS or bitmap format is helpful.


Here are just a few examples of the residential and commercial artistic custom neon signs we have made for our clients...

ESTABLISH A CORPORATE PRESENCE. Use neon to brilliantly increase awareness of your corporate image with your dealers and affiliates. We can drop ship to any location in the US to align with your marketing campaign.



To place your order over the phone or to speak to a sign specialist about neon signs or neon lights right now just call 1-800-282-0950. We have neon sign experts available to answer immediate questions about our custom neon signs and lights.

You can also email Sales(at)

Thank you for visiting Fire House Neon Signs where you will find World Class Neon Manufacturing with Hometown Commitment.
P.S. We love special requests for custom neon signs, wholesale neon signs and animated neon light ideas. Tell us your neon sign ideas and lets see what we can come up with.

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